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  1. I wanted to write to you to tell you how happy we are with Sand Lake Animal Hospital. We brought our 14 year old cat Muffin in as she was vomiting and had no bowel control. She has also lost significant weight and was lethargic. I’ve had this cat throughout my college years and my husband has fallen in love with her as well so you can understand how upset I was when Muffin took a turn for the worse. We brought her in and experienced nothing but kindness throughout various blood tests and exams. Dr. Dealyne Smith took the time to really speak to us giving us the various scenarios of what could be wrong as the blood tests revealed nothing. We digested the fact that our precious Muffin could possibly have Cancer. Dr. Smith also suggested that perhaps Muffin had an enlarged intestine and that steroid therapy would work. The first steroid shot showed some improvement in Muffin as she wasn’t vomiting as much. A month later, we brought her in for a second injection but this time, Dr. Smith recommended a slight increase in the dosage. Within days, Muffin was eating, was not vomiting and was energetic once again. The steroids worked!!!! She has even started gaining weight. We can’t thank you enough for saving our little baby. She is old but still has lots of life left in her so we’re happy that she is happy.